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123 JUMP! By Lisl H. Detlefsen out Spring 2019!

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I WANT THAT NUT! is now an audiobook! Unabridged y’all! 6:05 minutes of listening pleasure.


Shout out to all the red heads! Love this lovely read aloud from @StoryTimeWErin

    TEDDY'S FAVORITE TOY written by Christian Trimmer. Coming February 2018!

A Junior Library Guild Selection

Joining the plethora of gender-norm-defying picture books comes this refreshingly bold story that makes its message clear without being pedantic.... What makes this book so appealing is the back-and-forth dynamic between the text and images.... Simple, sophisticated language...suggests a respectful alliance between mother and son, and is perfectly complemented by charming, gouache-and-pencil illustrations that capture the characters’ emotions as the story unfolds. Slightly older readers can unpack other layers about social norms and diversity, but all will appreciate this dynamic book’s adventurous yet relatable style.
— Booklist, Starred review
Teddy’s favorite toy is Bren-Da, Warrior Queen of Pacifica. She’s a pink-skinned Barbie-style doll, and Teddy’s play with her ranges from action-hero combat sequences (“She has the sickest fighting skills”) to extravagant fashion looks worthy of Project Runway or RuPaul’s Drag Race.... After Bren-Da’s leg falls off, Teddy’s mother mistakenly throws her away.... Teddy’s mother takes his anguish seriously. Valentine’s gouache and pencil drawings blend action and comedy as Teddy’s mother chases the truck with daring moves worthy of Bren-Da herself. “Yas, queen!” Teddy shouts in exultation.
— Publishers Weekly, Starred review

Such a cute reading of GEORGE IN THE DARK! by Maya Reading aloud :-)

                                                         A LULLABY OF SUMMER THINGS written by Natalie Ziarnik. Coming May 2018!